Retirement Revised

Violence is often portrayed in the media as a problem that affects mainly younger people. But a new study in the research journal Health Affairs shows that it’s common for violence of various kinds to affect older people. And, the problem will grow more acute in the years ahead as the population of the United States ages.


Gun Violence in America / Trusted Messengers

Gun owners, their kids, and their families and friends are dying from gun-related suicides. By the numbers, this is the biggest gun violence problem we've got. We live in two very different worlds when it comes to guns in the U.S. The people for whom their only experience of guns is as a problem… and the people for whom guns will never be a problem… until… they are. What can we say to gun owners to help them understand that we care about their safety? Who the messenger is—that matters. Guests: Dr. Emmy Betz, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine; Ralph Demicco, former owner of Riley's Gun Shop and Co-Chair of the New Hampshire Firearm Safety Coalition; Dr. Cathy Barber, Director of Means Matter at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Injury Control Research Center; and Marc Holley, former marine and owner of Atlas Defense. | insicknessandinhealthpodcast.com


#ThisIsOurLane -Firearm Safety and Dementia

In November, 2018, GeriPal Podcast interviewed Dr. Emmy Betz about firearm safety, including how to counsel individuals with dementia about guns. GeriPal aims at providing an open community forum among interdisciplinary providers and anyone interested in geriatric and palliative care to positively impact clinical practice and healthcare policy.

Little Big Med: Suicide Prevention and Firearms

Dr. Betz spoke with Dr. Jason Woods, host of a free, open access, medical education site (FOAMED) dedicated to all things important to care of pediatric patients in the acute setting.